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"Allison Nutrition Consultants work with people who want to make eating well easier for themselves and their families, who want to perform and feel better, who have struggled to eat well and don't want to continue to diet in order to stay fit. Our clients are generally looking for good, solid evidence-based medical nutrition and lifestyle nutrition therapy, also for a nutritionist who is skilled at helping them discover their needs and the specific skills and strategies they need to eat well."
Food Allergies
Nashville, Tennessee 37212
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Nutritionist/Dietitian, RDN
"I offer 17 years of experience in Functional Medicine Nutrition with exceptional skills in identifying the metabolic roots of weight loss challenges, to help you make extraordinary changes in your health and appearance, as well as reverse and address chronic health conditions (including diabetes, hypertension/heart disease, fibromyalgia, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic yeast overgrowth and much more). I specialize in using diet, botanical medicine, nutritional supplements and exercise prescription to bring the body back into a state of balance. Every person with whom I work receives quick and easy customized meal plans that fit into their lifestyle."
Food Allergies
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Nashville, Tennessee 37201
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"Now accepting clients at the new Nashville, TN location! Are you tired ... tired of dieting... hating your body ... existing in a love/hate relationship with food and exercise? Do you want your life back? I offer individuals and groups the opportunity to receive specialized, practical and cutting-edge nutrition counseling. I use the Health At Every Size approach to help clients restore a healthy relationship with food. My counseling approach offers freedom from obsessions around food, eating and body image. My nutrition therapy fosters lifestyle change not a quick fix or shortcut to health."
Nashville, Tennessee 37205
(623) 850-4983
"*CURRENTLY, I AM NOT ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS. I am a master's level, licensed registered dietitian nutritionist who specializes in wellness, weight management, and eating disorders. As a nutrition therapist, my passion is promoting positive relationships with food, eating, and exercise that lead to a balanced and healthy life. My philosophy is there is no single nutrition intervention that is right for everyone. I consider each client's unique health needs and lifestyle when developing realistic strategies to accomplish desired health goals. I understand that thoughts and emotions have a great impact on behaviors, and that exploring both is necessary for lasting changes to occur."
Nashville, Tennessee 37215
(615) 212-3146